Quartz Hill Chamber Business Development Center
      The information and guidance on this site is intended primarily for those users in the
      Antelope Valley area, but most can be used across the country.  It has been gathered

       from sources such as the US Small Business Administration,    SCORE,  and others. 
       SBA and SCORE sites have extensive materials and guidance.    
         (Latest update August 11, 2014)

      First, read this:    How to Really Start Your Own Business, then  work with SCORE   Startup.

             If you are looking for seminars and workshops?.(in the Antelope Valley area).....

           Then you will need a Business Plan and use the following:     Financial Projections
            Business Plan Excel spreadsheet,       Income and Expenses,        Records to Keep

                      Marketing Plan

                Wanting to start a NON-PROFIT?     Go to IRS.gov and refer to Pamphlet 557.

           Looking for a business license?   Go Here!         Actually NEED a license?   

          California Fees, Licenses and Permits:   http://www.calgold.ca.gov

          Board of Equalization:  http://www.boe.ca.gov/elecsrv/ereg/index.html
  (Resale license, taxes)

          Thought of a    Structure of your business?             Set up a  Business Bank Account?

          Obtain a Fictitious Name Statement (DBA)?         IMPORTANT  OTHER  CONSIDERATIONS!
           Possess or acquire Capital and Sources?  
     Need a mentor?       Get One at SCORE.     
           Business related libraries  :     General Info, Management, Contracting        

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